Client Overview

The Cook & Him are a duo of food bloggers, Sam & Phil who, over the years, have
worked hard to create some superb vegan and vegetarian recipes. Their blog, host some wonderful ways to cook healthy, yet interesting, meals. Their food photography speaks for itself with every recipe accompanied with the most mouth-watering photography. 

The Brief

The main aim was for the blog to build on its existing popularity on social media and to become more visible in the search engines. The task to increase the amount of traffic took the form of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well as Digital PR techniques to gain influence in the search engines.


Services: Digital Consultancy, Search Engine Optimisation and Digital PR 

The Strategy

To gain more influence in the search results it is really important to ensure that the
search engines fully understand the content which is being published. The initial
approach with The Cook and Him was to optimise the existing blog content on the
website. The recipes and guides were prioritised in order to make the most impact to the site, in the quickest time possible. Those pages which were trying to rank for
highly searched terms were optimised first.

In order to ensure that these optimisations were carried out in the best way possible, extensive keyword research and competitor research was carried out to ensure the best improvements were made to the on-page copy.

The second part of the strategy was focused on the building of backlinks to their
domain,, to increase its notoriety within the search
engines. It’s a well known core Google ranking factor that quality, contextual
backlinks are pointing to any domain in which you wish to rank for any given
keywords. It’s why Digital PR / Content Marketing techniques were employed for the
second part of the strategy.

Creating a piece of content which people, bloggers, online news outlets want to link
to is a sure fire way to generate the right type of links for your website. If that piece
of content can also enable you to rank on Google for your target keywords, that’s
even better!

The Digital PR project with The Cook & Him consisted of a review of Vegan Protein,
which was identified as a growing trend at the time, in the world of veganism - and
thus was likely to bring in great levels of organic traffic to the blog long term - all of
which would be relevant traffic.

The Results

The particular blog, “Best Vegan Protein 2019”, had soon grown to be the most
popular page on their website with over 2,000 page views in the first few months
since its launch. The page had 168 keywords ranking on Google and had 11
backlinks to the page. Since working with The Cook & Him, there has been a massive increase year-on-year in summer traffic from 1,950 visitors in the summer of 2018 to 15,383 in the summer of 2019 - an increase of 689% which we’re very proud of.


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