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The Cook & Him, Food Bloggers, See YoY traffic increase of 689%

Client Overview

The Cook & Him are a duo of food bloggers, Sam & Phil who have worked over the years to create some superb recipes which are wonderfully crafted and always accompanies their recipes with the most mouth-watering photography.


The Brief


Increase the amount of traffic to the website through SEO and Digital PR techniques to gain backlinks and increase visibility in Google Search.


The Strategy


The initial approach was to optimise the existing content on the site which boasts some superb recipes and guides - which were lacking optimisation. Through thorough keyword research and competitor research we were able to identify the core areas to begin improvements.


The second stage of the strategy was to conduct Digital Marketing / Content Marketing projects to create a piece of content which not only people would want to link to but would also rank on Google for certain keywords.


The first of these projects was to create a piece of content which reviews Vegan Protein, which was identified as a growing trend in the industry and thus is likely now and in the future, to bring in great levels of organic traffic to the blog - all of which are a relevant audience.


The Results

The particular blog, “Best Vegan Protein 2019”, had soon grown to be the most popular page on the website with over 2,000 page views so far since its launch. The page has 168 keywords ranking on Google and 11 backlinks to the page so far, which is growing daily. Since working with The Cook & Him, there has been a massive increase year-on-year in summer traffic from 1,950 visitors last summer to 15,383 - an increase of 689% which we’re very proud of.


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Note: As of 26th August 2019.